Thursday, January 29, 2009


It was asked, "Why is it that the vast majority if people think that dreams are not part of reality?", and I don't know.  I never remember my dreams, seriously.  People say that we have dozens of dreams each night, and I never remember any of them.  I think I can remember one dream, from when I was about eight.  I had just watched that Mickey-Mouse movie where the tornado sucks up the orchestra... and that night, I dreamed that a small yellow tornado destroyed my basement. 

As far as cherished dreams go, it kinda sucks that that is the only one that I can remember.  I have vague recollections, last night, I think I dreamed that something was rescheduled from Friday to Wednesday, and that I had missed it... but I couldn't tell you any of the details.

If dreams are real, I've missed out on a third of my life.  That sucks.  If dreams are real, other people my age who can remember their dreams have "lived" 1.5 times longer than I have.  I think dreams happen, I even think that our dreams have meaning (just read Daniel).... but I've never had that.  Am I missing something, is it part of my physiological makeup?  The funny thing is, I wake up knowing I had dreams.  Just like you know you ate Italian food because your breath smells like garlic, I know I had dreams because my thoughts are still in them when I wake up.  My subconscious is still playing the film reel from whatever my dream was, and my conscious thought barges in and asks "whatcha watching?" and derails the whole film.  I wonder, if I could remember my dreams, if I would want to go back to not remembering them.  The one dream I can remember (tiny tornado terror) wasn't so great, are all dreams like that?  I've heard that some people have dreams about falling, or flying, or going to the bathroom (they wake up and have wet the bed), or eating (they wake up and are standing in front of an open fridge).  I know I'm having dreams, because I've been told that I talk in my sleep.  Once my parents told me that while I was delirious (bad fever) I was screaming about an alternate universe.  Star-Wars induced?  Or was it real?

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  1. I barely ever remember my dreams either. Strangely enough, the ones I do remember generally involve debate prophecies...

    I would like to know what I dream about, especially when my sister tells me I talked in my sleep.