Thursday, January 29, 2009


Chains are like bells, it's for what they ring and not they themselves that makes them good or bad.  Carpooling can save the planet.  Less traffic, less pollution, more relationships, better networking, money saved, time spent well.  Twilight is a teenage romance  novel, not a story about vampires.  "Ultimately, ignore form and function" and you will be surprised by the product.  "Art is a lie that tells the truth", and the book about that opened my eyes. Charles Fort would approve.  Red, Yellow, Blue, surround me backed by green writ all over and etched with pictures of people and things my passion is for.  A solitary spiral-bound, home of my calculations, aliases, names, problems, and faced by a faceless man of wood.  Red plastic wallet, full of eternity.  Chains aren't good or bad, they're binding, like a contract, like a friendship.  "If all your friends are contractual, you don't have any."  People will fight what they fear, they will run, then hide, than hit, until the thing which made them run has been made into a fantasy.  Who's afraid of pirates?  Jack Sparrow does not attack cruise ships in the Indian Ocean.  "Chains of gold and silver are still chains."  How strange, that a king wears a golden chain around his neck while the one before him wears one of iron, under the weight of which is it harder to hold your head high?

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