Saturday, May 26, 2012

Whenever we're watching a movie with a little action in it, Stephen and Phoebe want to know who lives and who dies. Even if I haven't seen the movie before they'll ask, "Does he die?" I can understand that - you want to prepare yourself if a character you like is going to die. I don't help, I just say, "Of course he is," because everybody dies eventually. Still, though, that's a downright inconsiderate thing to say to a seven year old who just wants to know if the handsome but bumbling hero is going to survive this encounter and win the heart of the beautiful, gracious woman (spoiler: he does).

Promenades seem to be primarily concerned with a) dressing up really fancy so that b) you can take pictures of yourself looking fancy and then c) not wear your jacket for the rest of the evening because it's too hot. Also, dancing, which turned out to be fine because nobody knows how to dance. But it was on a boat and it was lovely to watch the sun set from the top deck. And then I stayed out so late that when I got home I made tea and watched the sun rise before going to sleep (for three hours and then getting up for church). It was fun.

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