Thursday, May 31, 2012

These last three weeks have been a little tortuous, honestly. I need to be doing things, and there was altogether too much of not doing anything (although I did read a lot. But reading is something to rest from doing things, not a thing itself). Mercifully it all ends on Monday, when I'll be going on a week long mission trip to only the most exotic of destinations: Springfield, MA. Then training, and then my poorly paid but much anticipated summer job/ministry: working as a camp councilor. In the meantime, I'm going to the wedding of my friend Nathan, who is (IMHO) altogether too young to be getting married. I shall continue saying that people my age are too young to be getting married until I get married myself or a turn thirty (or perhaps twentysix).

A Farewell to Arms was just great, and the ending left me gutted and empty. I should have seen it coming, given the punchline-per-Hemingway's-style to "Why did the chicken cross the road?" (Answer: To die. Alone. In the rain.). It also commandeered some lyrics/poetry I had unfinished months before, which - though still unfinished - I will post.

Woman of my future, do you know me well?
Will our children inside you swell?
On the front lines where we made our bed,
In the sick room where you stroked my head,
I was nervous, but I stood my still.
In the chapel where they baptised Will,
I believed you when you kissed my lips.
I believed you then, I believed you then.

The other fragment I composed, and I'd be grateful your help with it (is that allowed?), is missing two lines.

I was given this time/So I will spend this time
Like a greedy child spending his allowance.
I'm not afraid of the dark/But I put my headphones on
Because oblivion is manifest in silence.
But the wheel will never stop its turning.
I believe in heaven/Or an upper-case-S Something
But I've never really known where I was going.

The trick, when you're reading and it's growing late, is knowing when to turn on the light. If you turn it on too late, you hurt your eyes with the dark and sudden bright. If you turn it on too early, the mixture of lamplight and daylight looks awful. 

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  1. "If you turn it on too early, the mixture of lamplight and daylight looks awful."


    Also, Springfield MA is out of this world exotic. No. I mean not. Whatever. It made me laugh. :D